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how many threads?

Not entirely sure what this is referring to…

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He used to have suits of different colors. Then he used too much bleach one day!---MoogleButt

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I heard he wears ladies underwear.----MoogleButt

ooc: DYING. xD

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Supposedly he has an irrational fear of chocobos.---MoogleButt

ooc: This might be a new headcanon omg.

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She was on break at the club where she sang; that's how she managed to overhear the rumour. "I heard he's a fey changeling," one lady at the bar said to another. "That's why he's actually got a brain."

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I heard it's a dye job, and he's not really blonde.-MoogleButt


"What a petty rumor."

Send me rumors that your character has heard about mine.

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Awww thank you! ;u;

Dropping In || Closed


"Oh, its just you.” Angie puffed out her cheeks as she found her own phone and flicked it on to use for light. She snorted and leaned back, rolling her eyes.

"Why would I have any shame in the quest for truth, huh? I just can’t navigate worth a damn once I’m in the vents, that’s all." She flushed slightly at the confession.

"Besides, why are you still in your office at one in the morning on a dark and stormy night, huh?" Angie countered as she pointed at him with her arm. "It’s not like your position isn’t guaranteed or something!"

"Just….you?!” He crossed his arms. “You say that like its a bad thing.”

The light on his phone dimmed, leaving the two of them stranded in the pitch dark. “Lights out at a power company…ironic.”

"Anyway…for your information I happen to enjoy coming into my office when I cant sleep. I might as well be productive while I am suffering from insomnia. The storm is irrelevant. Inconvenient, but irrelevant."

He fumbled around for the nearest surface to sit on. “And you Ms. Spy? Even espionage seems a little strange on a dark and stormy night. Wouldn’t you rather be at home? Surely we aren’t THAT interesting here at Shinra….”

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I am very sorry for your loss. I wish there was something I could do to help ease the pain.

ooc: Thank you, anon. I have had so many kind words and each one of them make me feel better. Melvyn (my other budgie) and I are hanging in there. 

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