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Sorry, friend. No greens this time.

Guess whose back.

A message from the President’s desk:

ooc: Hey everyone who has stuck around through me vanishing for a bit! Here’s the scoop:

I got really busy towards the end of last quarter. I had this huge research project and then had to bullshit a ten page paper about it even though we didn’t get enough data to warrant a ten page paper. But somehow I pulled a B worthy paper out of my butt and all is well.

Then spring break happened! I spent the entire week sewing and finishing cosplays for Emerald City Comicon and when I wasn’t sewing I was curled up on my parent’s couch with some pretty crippling anxiety. 

Came back to my apartment to start new classes and anxiety got worse. I pretty much spent most of my time outside of class either soaking in the tub with lavender oil to try and calm myself down or in bed on the phone with my boyfriend or family during the worst times.

tl;dr I have since dealt with what was causing so much anxiety and I feel a lot better. I am now refocusing on myself and looking into some pretty neat opportunities! That’s all I’ll say about that. 

That being said Rufus has finally decided come back from his little vacation. He generally doesn’t stick around during my stressful times. ^^;;

So I’d love to RP! If anyone wants to start something please let me know! :)

Can someone please explain to me why cloudstrifespenis is a thing, and elaborate on why it is following me?

Keep it in your pants, Strife. 

OOC: I wanted to share with you all the progress on my revamped OG!Rufus cosplay. I have done this version before but it was my very first sewing project and I absolutely hate it now. I will probably revamp my AC version after this if I find the right fabric. FYI: It took me two years to finally choose this fabric. Its a white gabardine and GORGEOUS. Only the best for the President, right?

The wig is a lace front wig and I am in love with it. The color is beautiful, the fibers are beautiful. I just cant even with the wig.

I am also working on shinramonarch's President Shin-Ra cosplay and will have WIP pics of that soon. Soooo if you're going to be at Sakura-Con be on the lookout for us!!

I am now wearing a hat, apparently?

ooc: I had to do it. I had to give him a hat.


My cosplay page is updated!


ooc: Reblogging here! From now on I will be posting my cosplay stuff here so I don’t have to make all these ooc posts. Back to RPing this week hopefully. C:


So my Kristoff and I met some amazing people at Emerald City Comicon! We wanted to thank everyone who acknowledged us! All of the kind words made the months of work worth it. If you saw us/spoke to us feel free to message me! Thanks for making the con a great one! <3

Photos by the lovely and talented McCall.

ooc: Back from con and wanted to share some pics! I made both Anna and Kristoff. C: Everything was handmade and took me three months.

ooc: Sorry again for my absence! My cosplays are finally done and con has arrived! Any of my followers going to be at Emerald City Comicon? Shoot me a message! C:

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