Ooc: quick update on my hiatus! I was just initiated onto the research team ill be working with and life is about to get busy! I have two weeks before I pack up my camping gear and head out. I’ll be severly lurking in the mean time.

A message from the President’s desk:

[[First of all hello new followers! For some reason my phone did not notify me of your existence, silly phone! Anyway…I am looking forward to hopefully RPing with you all!

But alas I must once again take a mini hiatus. My zoo internship is coming to a close (a few weeks left) and my next internship will be starting. For the next ten weeks I will be camping off and on with a group of awesome wildlife biologists/researchers tracking hawk migration and doing sciencey things! I am very excited to be initiated into the research group this upcoming Tuesday. However UNTIL then I am working at the state fair as the assistant poultry superintendent for the FFA, which is something I do every year. I currently have an incubator set up ready for chicken eggs to incubate for a career development event, and I have to write a written exam for the event as well as questions for a showmanship event I am judging. I am sort of important in the chicken world, and for a week every summer they need me. This is my busiest week of the year. I am at the fair for about 12hrs a day usually. So I will most likely not even be lurking during those times. And after fair I will be at PAX Prime for a weekend before moving into a new apartment and heading out into the Okanogan National Forest for research!! All I ask is for your patience, but unfollow me if you feel you must. I will be checking in when I have the time.

I will miss you all, of course! C:]]

"What an annoying day."


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Anonymous asked:
We once had a matress fall off the back of someones truck. Thankfully my Mamaw, who was driving, saw it coming and stayed far enough away to not hit it. I hope you feel better soon!

ooc: It is so scary! Sadly I couldn’t swerve…but I wasn’t physically hurt. I just had a really bad panic attack once I made it to work and had to go home with my car to make sure there wasn’t any major damage. There is a bit of damage, but easily fixed. 

Ooc: I hit a fucking sofa on the freeway on my way to work this morning…don’t be 100% a dick and secure your loads people! I am now on my way home from work 7hrs early recovering from a panic attack my boss had to help me out of…..fml.

"You are… " Finish in my askbox!

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The president is out

ooc: I’ve been lurking the entire day and being horribly non-productive. o_o
And I think I am going to give tumblr a break until after I have seen GotG tomorrow because I keep seeing untagged spoilers and I haven’t seen it yet (had to wait for payday……..OTL)

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